Our Fundamental Assumptions

Our underlying assumptions are that

[a] An inclusive democratic capitalist structure is the best response to the question of ‘how should a political-economy be organized?’ and that

[b] A synergized Perennial Philosophy – that emphasizes the Unity of Faiths – is the best global response to Man’s existential needs.


Inclusive and pluralistic Democratic Capitalism is necessary because it has defeated all the other historical alternatives in its demonstrated ability to promote long-term, sustainable, value added, innovative creative destruction in knowledge-based, higher-educated societies [the temporary successes of the alternatives, current setbacks and looming threats notwithstanding].

Innovative creative destruction is necessary because it’s historically the best approach, to drive sustained and sustainable increases in long-term wellbeing and quality of life – with increases in per capita income being the best proxy. And increased per capita income in an absolute sense, as well as in a relative perspective, is one of the fundamental drivers of human beings.

However, an even more fundamental reason for our belief in democratic capitalism is its recognition of the centrality and the necessary freedom of the individual human being; and therefore it’s consonance with the existential perspective of the Perennial Philosophy [below], which also recognizes the individual human being as the focus of cosmic evolution. It is in this focus on the Individual – methodological individualism, if you will – that both the Perennial Philosophy and the democratic capitalist organization of a political economy achieve perfect consilience with  – the ‘inclusive genetic fitness’ driven individual from sociobiology as well as the need for individual expressiveness that underlies Modernity.

A third and equally strong reason for our deep support of democratic-capitalism is its essential pacifism. No two pluralistic democracies, in all of human history, have fought each other in organized armed conflict with mass casualties.


The Perennial Philosophy emphasises the Unity of Faiths, as well as Faith’s consilience with Reason and the Arts. Faith is Fundamentally Necessary for a human being since Reason is limited; and the Arts are at their most sublime when integrated with Reasoned Faith. But the main reason that we emphasise our commitment to the Perennial Philosophy is that this perspective – along with all the world’s main religious and existential traditions – emphasises the Moral Structure to man’s Inner Cosmos.

The very existence of the realms of Mathematics and Music is sufficient proof of ‘the existence of Man’s inner cosmos’. The nature and characteristics of these sublime realms (along with those of the realms of poets and artists ) are to be discovered in the inner recesses of the Mind; and neither in the macro-cosmic innards of stars, galaxies or black holes, nor in the micro-worlds of atoms, quarks or strings. Separately, the central feature of the ‘inner spiritual path’ in all of the world’s main religious traditions and the need for long-term sustained meditational training for being Mindful [the mantra of our own time], complete this certification of the existence of man’s inner life. Also of note is that the solutions, to the challenges of Mindfulness and the processes of the spiritual ascent, are to be found in humanity’s Character development and definitely not in the evolutionarily driven sociobiological imperative to maximize our inclusive genetic fitness. That it’s ‘inner’ character development, that is at the core of all the world’s mythologies is the point that Campbell makes in his justly famous ‘Hero’s Journey’ analysis. And it is in this ‘inner cosmos’ that the moral structure is manifest as – that seemingly outdated word – Conscience.

In other words we too believe, that just as gravitation rules the starry heavens above, so also is there a Moral Law that rules the fate of every man, through his inner life. And the reason for our pointing out our belief in the Moral Structure to our inner Cosmos – in the centrality of Dharma [our preferred word] – is to establish a relationship of Trust between us, dear reader. Irrespective of your personal beliefs – or the values of the organization that you represent – we need you to understand that our belief in Dharma obligates us to practice the fundamental perennial philosophical value of Unity of Thought and Word and Deed. And so we hope that you’ll repeatedly come back to the analysis and critique in this blog, to learn of our views on some of the developments that take place in the GFR arena. You can trust us to keep the long-term socio-economic welfare of all Earthlings as our guiding rule.

Now that our fundamental assumptions have been laid out, we invite you to get into the details of the domain that’s the focus of this blog; and hope that you will be a regular visitor.